Crystal Research offers advisory services on either an hourly basis or for a fixed fee to be determined based upon services desired.  All fees will be detailed in the Client's Consulting Agreement with Crystal Research.

Strategic Investment Audit (SIA) – The cost of this audit will vary based on the size and complexity of the current portfolio(s) of investments.  The larger the number of assets in the portfolio(s), and the greater the complexity of those assets, the higher the fee.  The engagement should occur annually.  In certain circumstances, changes in the markets or the Client's situation may trigger the Client's desire for another SIA on a more frequent than annual basis.

Asset Plan Engineering (APE) – The cost of APE will vary based on size and complexity of the investments held, as well the Client's potential decision to add new investments.  Because a significant portion of the analysis will involve analyzing various combinations of original holdings as well as potential additions, the analysis is likely to be more time consuming, and therefore more expensive than the SIA.

Post Asset Plan Actions (PAPA) – The cost of the PAPA will vary based on the scope of the Consulting Agreement as well as the Client's desire for commentary on market events and the likely impact of those events on his/her portfolio(s), which he/she shall pay for in advance if they choose to avail themselves of this service. An estimate of total hours will be provided to the Client in advance of executing the agreement.

Crystal Research’s fee is exclusive of, and in addition to brokerage fees, transaction fees, and other related costs and expenses, which may be incurred by the Client.  However, Crystal Research shall not receive any portion of those commissions, fees, and costs.

The typical payment schedule would require a 50% down payment from the Client upon execution of the Consulting Agreement, with the remaining 50% due prior to the Final Review telephone call or meeting.