Why would I want a second opinion?

​Even if you have the most altruistic broker in the world, people tend to make the same types of mistakes when it comes to financial transactions.  The biggest growth area in investment related academia these days is behavioral decision theory, which focuses on those mistakes and why we make them.  Counter intuitively, the happier you are with your broker, the more likely it is that you have something to gain that neither of you may be aware of. ​

​​What are the main services and/or products my business offers?

​Crystal Research offers the individual investor the skills and experience gained from 14 years spent as a senior investment professional at one of the world's largest money management firms, and an additional 6 years providing asset management and fiduciary review services to some of the world's largest institutional investors. Crystal Research LLC provides the following services to individual investors:​

  • Assessment of holdings duplication
  • Determination of appropriate portfolio and manager benchmarks
  • Diversification of asset concentrations
  • "Completion Fund" analysis
  • Expense savings identification
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Risk-Return analysis
  • Tactical asset allocation services
  • Third party performance oversight

What are the main services and/or products my business does not offer?​

  • Discount or full service brokerage
  • Estate planning
  • "Savings required" calculations
  • Tax analyses